Upcoming Events

April 12th-13th 2018 I will be speaking at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY.  More details TBD.

I am available and happy to speak or train on a variety of topics including domestic violence, abuse recovery, victimization, goal orientation, and mindfulness.  If you are interested in an engaging dialogue, first-person perspective, or would like to work with me, just drop me a line!


Title TBD  This self-discovery book is about realizing and activating internal strength, regaining control, and choosing to live joyfully, while maintaining all the grace and kindness of an undeniably super classy human.  The book is filled with daily mantras, practicals, and guidance for all areas of life, and focuses on the balance between incredible strength and undeniable grace. Estimated Release Q4 2018.

The Girls’ Guide to Growing Up This book will be published with young teenage girls in mind, and explores the concepts of boundary-setting, confidence, and communication in a way that resonates with younger women.  Practicals relating to the struggles of today’s tech-involved, options-open teen are guided throughout the book. Estimated Release Q2 2019.