About Me - fembrûlée

Hello, friend! 

I’m Frances, and you have managed to find your way to my blog.  I am a happy person with a not-so-happy past, but one thing has been consistent my whole life – I am a relentless proponent for finding joy, engaging in self-discovery, and re-shaping perspectives.

I am an Master of Education, per my graduate degree, and a civil servant by trade.  The jobs and hobbies I have had my whole life revolve around coaching others to see the world from a different angle, and overcoming obstacles that seem to keep them from achieving their goals.

I founded this blog after leaving an emotionally, verbally, and physically abusive 8 year marriage, preceded by a few other not-so-great relationships and personal struggles I grew through and overcame.  My goal is to share what to me are very basic, but extremely important skills that have helped many other high-achievers understand themselves and find their strength.

What’s different about my approach?

I am a very linear, practical person, and I value practical application, research, and experience.  I try not to be too vague in my advice, and you will find a lot of practical application exercises throughout my work.  That said, cooperating and trying out these exercises will undoubtedly help you exceed your own expectations.  What makes my approach unique is that I am interested in empowering with a degree of grace.  Anyone can put up walls and boundaries and come off cold or unapproachable.  Being able to effectively communicate is what makes all of this worthwhile. After all, unless you find joy in being recluse, what is the benefit of finding yourself, if you cannot effectively go forth into the world with charm and poise?

Who is this content for?

I built the blog with high-achieving, professional women, like myself in mind, but the content far outreaches that narrow demographic.  It always amazed me how successful, beautiful spirited women (and men) could get wrapped up in an abusive relationship, and I quickly discovered that it is the most kind-hearted of us that often do, regardless of status.  What made a difference for me in my situation was discovering which of my own boundaries I had neglected, and setting goals for my individual growth.  I have been a curious, challenge-seeking high-achiever from birth, and I really believe it was the skills I learned as a child, along with a learned background in effective communication, that helped me navigate out safely.  These skills are teachable, and when I work with others who are stuck in a relationship, career, or life in general, it is typically these skills that save the day.  My content will help you identify which areas (whether a set of boundaries, a perspective, or a communication void) you are lacking, and help you balance and develop them to grow confidence, feel authentic pride, and hone joy in your life.

I very much appreciate you stopping by, and hope you find the information provided here helpful.  Feel free to contact me anytime, day or night, and be sure to check out my videos and podcasts if audio/visual is more your speed.  Get your daily dose of happiness on my twitter feed, and drop me a line if you ever get stuck.

Until next time, stay classy, be strong, and go forth with confidence you beautiful human!