Farmhouse Renovation Walkthrough VIDEO!

So last weekend I channeled my inner HGTV persona and put together a quick, 15 minute, video walking you through the farmhouse before sheetrock goes up soon!  I did not go over the storefront, barns, or exterior, but plan to do these later on.  I am so excited to get started on the myriad DIY projects that will add history and flavor to the house once the serious work is done, but for now I thought it would be a good idea to share the current state of the project.

To get you up to speed before the video, since January, the following major renovations have been completed:

  • Dual-zone HVAC system installed, providing heat and air to 3 stories of house.  I chose to go with the dual zone so I can control the temperature on both levels, and heat and cool with more efficiency.  Honestly, I plan to heat the downstairs in winter using the wood-burning fireplace, which puts out major heat (we’ve been using it all winter to keep the contractors warm!)  The zones will allow me to regulate the temperature in different areas based on the time of day, too, so hopefully this will save on energy.
  • Layout reconfigured – If you remember, I kind of referred to this as the “Banana Split Farmhouse”, because it was split down the middle into two awkward units.  While it served its purpose I’m sure, over the past 30 years or so since that renovation, I wanted this to be a single-family home.  SO, I tore down the paneling upstairs, revealing doorways to the bedrooms, and built a nice big hallway connecting the kitchen to the mudroom, extra bedroom/office, and bathroom.
  • Bathroom reframing – I had the guys install a 5′ shower in the downstairs bathroom, relocated the doorway, and widened it a bit to make it a big more spacious.  Upstairs, I had to create a master suite using the smaller of the two hall bathrooms, so I made that bathroom a bit bigger as well, and installed plumbing for a dual vanity and another 5′ shower.  In the final bathroom, no major changes to the layout were made, everything was just majorly gutted and a new tub was installed.
  • All new electric and plumbing was run throughout the house, bringing it up to code
  • Gas service was installed, so no more oil heat and air!  This will be way more energy efficient, and allows me to install a gas stove and dryer, which I prefer.
  • Electric boxes were reconfigured…this was a mess.  The house has 3 separate electric accounts for the 3 regions of the house.  Now, it only has 2 – one for the house, and one for the barn.
  • New roof!  You won’t see this in the video, yet 😉
  • Paint has been started.  It has been raining its but off this month, but that is March/April in the Mid-Atlantic.  I expect it to be fully painted soon, and the original shutters placed back on (with a new coat of white paint)
  • New windows installed in the sun room, and a new back door as well as a slider upstairs to the deck.

Soooo….although it still looks messy, a lot has been done already!  I hope you enjoy the video!


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