I Bought a Farmhouse!

I am SO excited to reveal a huge project that I am finally ready to begin.  Over the summer I saw, visited, and fell in love with an old farmhouse.  There is nothing I love more than bringing new life to old things, and this place was no exception.  Seeing as my lease is up in early Spring, I moved quickly to see if there was any logic to my purchasing this piece of Mullica Hill history, and turning it into my dream home.

I connected with the most amazing real estate agent in Mullica Hill, NJ, and (in my humble opinion, the country) to engage on this endeavor. After having a consultant come through the home to assess the extent of required and desired repairs and renovations, I decided to use a 203k loan to finance my purchase and the repairs.  I will go into more detail about the process of financing the purchase and planning repairs, renovations, and restorations in later posts.  For now, we will get on to the good stuff…details!

The Farmhouse Stats:

Location – Harrisonville, NJ (A small town consisting of a few streets, and about 150 people, within the township of South Harrison, just outside the city limits of Mullica Hill, NJ)

Style – My best guess based on the structure, layout, and details is Folk Victorian.  More on this later.  At first I considered it to be a Greek Revival, which is also possible, but as updates were made it really takes on more of the Folk Victorian charm of the late 19th century and plenty of Swedish influence.

Size – About 4400 sf of living space, including 2 floors and a full-sized attic with multiple rooms.  The downstairs contains a large room that housed the town’s General Store from about 1840 over generations until the mid-late 1900s.  The house sits on just over .5 acres of land, likely partitioned from larger areas of farmland years ago.

Goal of Restoration – I want to bring the home up to code with modern efficiencies and comforts, while maintaining, restoring, or replacing as much period-specific charm and character in the aesthetics.   I plan to have my contractor do a lot of the code work, such as plumbing, electric, roofing, etc.  I will handle more of the aesthetic projects.  EVERYTHING will be documented 🙂

Here is an extensive gallery of “before”, annotated with what I plan to do in each space.

  • This is the exterior. The front of the home faces the street and features a front porch, which was probably half-covered (on the left) at some point to make room for the commercial area/storefront. The home has gone through a few style transformations that seem to collide, so my plan is to take it back to a Swedish folk Victorian, which is most likely its original style, and extremely relevant to the area.

Additional Work to be Completed

In addition to the remodel, my contractor will also be tackling the roof, installing an HVAC system, painting the aluminum siding, and installing new windows where updates have not already been made.  A sunroom “porch” off the back (which I did not show) will be turned into a true sunroom.  A well has already been drilled on the property.  The current well is shared with the home next door, likely a legacy improvement since the homes were owned by close families previously on the same acreage.

Permits have been acquired and work will begin this week.  As the process moves forward, I will be posting more in depth information about what we find and how the renovation is coming along.  Strap in, it’s going to be an exciting ride!


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