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I’m so glad you made it!  Whether you are feeling misguided, overwhelmed, underpowered, or otherwise lost in life or your relationship, I am here to share with you the methods, mantras, and guides to help you face the world with confidence and class, and discover and achieve the impossible.  Read more about me here, and enjoy your stay!

Foundations to Get your Started

Whether you are starting over, re-evaluating your strength, or need a refreshing perspective and pick-me-up, these skills will help your build a strong foundation for growth and success. They are common themes you will discover throughout my approach, so get to know them!

Honing and Choosing Joy

Understanding what turns you on in life is part of learning about yourself.  It is a process foundational to everything…

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An Open Letter to Hope Hicks

I was walking out of a meeting when I glanced at an article on my phone claiming you had defended Rob Porter’s character in light of abuse allegations. Not knowing the full story, or honestly even who you were, my stomach sank.  I was immediately reminded of the years I spent trying to help my ex-husband escape the consequences of his former fiancees’ abuse claims, which had led to several criminal charges I believed couldn’t have possibly been true.  He had told me about the relationships, and the women’s’ psychosis, and came across as the perfect victim.  (more…)

Living Joyfully

A friend of mine recently asked how I find time, energy, and motivation to do the things I do, and I tend to receive wonderful feedback about how the ways I choose to spend my time are inspirational or motivating.  This always makes me blush a lot, and while I am flattered, very basically these are just the things that bring ME joy.  I think the bigger takaway (and really the purpose of this blog) is that anyone can find the same kind of happiness, energy, and motivation, just by being honest with themselves about what brings them joy.  (more…)


There is a huge campaign out right now from OneLove.org, an organization dedicated to helping college-aged young adults understand the warning signs of abuse.  The campaign is centered around identifying abusive behavior justified by love.

Using the excuse “Because I love you…”, abusive partners find a way to justify their irrational behavior to themselves and to their victims.  I was asked at a speaking event recently if I thought my ex-husband knew what he was doing, or if he really felt his behavior was justified. (more…)